Ford Proximity Smart Key PEPS GEN5 M3N-A2C931423 164-R8163 - 1 Way


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Bonded & Insured

Ford F-Series Proximity Smart Key PEPS GEN5 164-R8163 - 1 Way Strattec: 5929508

315 Mhz

Insert Blade is included: 164-R8168

2017-2020 Ford F-Series
2017-2021 Ford Edge
2018-2020 Ford Explorer
2017-2020 Ford Fusion
2018-2020 Ford Ecosport
2019-2021 Ford Ranger
2020-2020 Ford Escape
2021 Ford Bronco

Condition Notes:

REFURBISHED-A Grade refurbished keys and remotes are in a very good condition with minor signs of wear

REFURBISHED-B Grade refurbished keys and remotes will have visible signs of wear, like scratches or scuffs