2017-2020 Chrysler Pacifica / 7-Button Smart Key / Without KeySense / PN: 68217832AC / M3N-97395900 (OEM)

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SKU: RSK-ULK194 OEM Chrysler

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Bonded & Insured

Brand: Original OEM
Condition: Refurbished
FCC ID: M3N-97395900
IC: 7812A97395900
Frequency: 434 MHz
Battery: CR2032
Button: Lock, Unlock, Hatch, Remote Start, L&R Doors, Panic
Reusable: Yes, after unlocking.
Emergency Blade Included: 68289894AB
PN: 68217832AC, 68217829AC

Chrysler-Pacifica-(w/o KeySense)
Chrysler-Voyager-(w/o KeySense)-2020

NOTE: Refurbished OEM - A used OEM key, which has been remanufactured and reset for re-use. All refurbished keys have original electronics, are unlocked and ready for programming. Refurbished keys could have a new aftermarket case/shell, if original condition did not meet quality standards. Refurbished keys will also have a new uncut aftermarket blade.